About Us


Welcome to Chatham Speech and Language Associates. CSL is a pediatric speech therapy practice located on Shunpike Rd in Chatham, New Jersey. We have been serving Chatham and the neighboring communities for over 25 years. CSL was founded by Laura Goepfert, who began seeing patients in her home but quickly outgrew that space and moved to Main Street. She retired several years ago leaving behind a well established practice that continues to adhere to her philosophy.


At Chatham Speech and Language we believe that every child has needs that are unique. We evaluate and treat your children with the utmost integrity, honesty, and sensitivity in an environment that understands the importance of a child-centric approach. We will work closely with your family so you can understand and support our intervention.


My staff and I strive constantly to improve your child's language and communication skills and understand the cumulative impact good communication has on your child's life and how he experiences the world.